Graphic Designer and Illustrator

Hi, my name is Marelise Jacobs but lots of people just call me Mies.

I am graphic designer, illustrator and copywriter from Fourways, South Africa. I started my career in design and publishing almost ten years ago when I joined the Caxton Publishing group in Pretoria. These days I run my own design company called Perkolate Design Studio doing mostly graphic design and illustration with a little bit of social media in between.

If you navigate to my Work page, you'll notice there's a little bit more going on than just graphic design. That's because for almost two years now, I have been doing interviews with some of South Africa's well-known and hard working personalities. Most of these people work either in front or behind the cameras, and I made it a personal mission of mine to find out as much as I can about the South African film industry. Why? Because I wanted to.